We understand that the recent changes to this school year can feel overwhelming, stressful, and socially disconnected. We hope that this site, the activities, and social media events will help all of, teachers, parents, and students feel more connected and supported during this time. If you are in need of social, behavior, or mental health support during this time, please use this link, and a member of our Behavior Health Team will contact you directly.

General Information

What is Social-Emotional Learning?

Social-emotional learning is the process through which students learn to understand and manage their thoughts, mindsets and emotions. As students grow their social-emotional skills, they become better at self-managing, working with others and setting and achieving goals.

Why is it Important?

In order for students to become college and career ready, students must demonstrate well-developed social-emotional skills. In order to support this growth, KCKPS utilizes the Kansas Social-Emotional Character Development standards to help students build core principles, make responsible decisions, self-manage and to successfully work with others.

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